Bez Hall

Bez is a book maker and creative practitioner based in Leeds, U.K. They graduated from Leeds Arts University with a First Class degree in Illustration in 2020, and has since had work selected for ‘The Nationwide Degree Show’ hosted by Fresh Meet, and ‘Queer Contemporaries’ organised by northern collective Short Supply. 

With a background in lo-fi methods of production and xerox culture, Bez’ practise hinges upon instinctive and intuitive making, alongside exploring avenues of working class, LGBT+ identity. Community and craft are also important to their work, with conversation and connection taking precedent over the singular act of making. 

Their work references the urgency and speed of their practical methodology, and highlights the study of chance as an important factor within abstract practice.

Bez can be reached on Instagram, or email: contact.bezhall@gmail.com

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